Yoga for Trauma Sensitive Kids Webinar

One of our most popular and important Webinars!

This Webinar provides critical information for helping kids with sensitivities from Trauma using Yoga to help them deal with the stress and difficulties from traumatic events.

Teaching in a trauma informed manner is a best practice for all participants not just trauma survivors. We often are not aware of trauma issues, triggers and student background so in a sense are working blind. Fostering trauma sensitivity in all we do and simple protocols to invite a sense of safety allow for all to benefit.


Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Children
Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Children
Gain a deeper understanding of the physiology of childhood trauma, and how it may manifest in your students. Learn how you can support their sense of safety in the yoga room, as well as practices to increase resilience and promote healing. Taught by Little Flower Yoga founder and author Jennifer Cohen Harper. 1 hr.
Price: $29.00

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