Little Spinning Wheels: Chakras for Children – OnDemand eCourse

Chakra Yoga for Children integrates the esoteric principles of the chakras, or spinning energy centers in the energy field of the body, into child friendly terms that help children embody their Chakras. There are 7 main chakras in the body, each related to complimentary glands and earth qualities  , such as  roots,water, fire,  air, ether, sound, light, space. By helping children fine tune their sensitivities to the chakras, we aid them to be spiritual as well as physical beings on the planet.

In this one hour course you will learn Color Me Yoga® methods to bring out the best of chakras in children.

Included in this course is a handout with yoga poses, interactive games, chakra seed sounds, creative movement techniques and how to teach a chakra yoga class to children.


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