Connect Kids to Their Energy – OnDemand eCourse

In this 40 minute webinar, you will learn how to teach children about Energy in a fun and instructive way, while incorporating it into your yoga class.

In the webinar we will explore:
· What is energy?
· What are the types of energy and the differences?
· What types of energy do people have?
· How can kids become aware of energy?
· Are there differences between positive and negative energy?
· What are simple techniques that we can teach children to release negative or excess energy?

What you will receive:
· How to teach kids about energy using yoga poses
· Techniques to help children become aware of energy
· Techniques to help sensitive children use effective strategies to cope with discordant energy
· A detailed lesson plan handout from our 95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training “Ages & Stages” module, that you can use to help children build awareness about energy and how they can make positive and loving connections.


Please Note: This is a large video file and depending on your Internet Connection speed may take a few minutes to load and play.

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