Yoga for Trauma Special Offer


Teaching in a trauma informed manner is a best practice for all participants not just trauma survivors. We often are not aware of trauma issues, triggers and student background so in a sense are working blind. Fostering trauma sensitivity in all we do and simple protocols to invite a sense of safety allow for all to benefit.

ACCESS: 10 Tips for a Trauma Informed Yoga Class

  1. Create Group Cohesion
  2. Emphasize a Safe Practice
  3. Always Ask Permission
  4. Include an Opting-Out Protocol
  5. Be Available
  6. Offer Choices
  7. Remember Everyone’s Unique Experience
  8. Avoid Blanket Statements
  9. Stress Non-Competitiveness
  10. Praise All Efforts Genuinely

Right Click the link below and select ‘Save As’ to download the MP4 video file – file size is 250mg and will take time to download depending on your Internet speed.

Teaching Trauma Informed Yoga for Children

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