Shelley Arthur

shelley-100Shelley Arthur didn’t start practicing yoga until her mid-50s after looking for happiness anywhere but inside herself.  After practicing for only a short time, she started to feel the benefits of increased overall health, a profound sense of mental and emotional balance, a greater sense of well-being and greater patience.  “They need to teach this to children in Kindergarten” was her immediate thought.

Always having a love for children, Shelley realized how these benefits, along with an increased confidence level, would benefit children at a young age.  In 2007, Shelley began teaching and writing imaginative yoga lesson plans for children.  She completed the YoKid Program and the Radiant Child Yoga Program Levels 1, 2 and 3.  In 2011, she completed the Radiant Child Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Certification Training with a focus on children being “big souls in small bodies” and “heart and soul work with children.”

In late 2013 she completed a book with Shakta Kaur Khalsa. Holiday Yoga: Celebrating History and Holidays throughout the year with Children’s Yoga contains 16 holiday yoga lesson plans with the yogic philosophy theme of “right action” woven into each plan.  In addition to providing the children with fun yoga poses, each lesson plan is designed to draw the children into a deeper (yet always fun) understanding and experience of themselves as “big souls in small bodies”.

Recent Curriculum by Shelley

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