Janet Williams

Janet WilliamsJanet is a certified Primary/Junior Teacher (B.Ed), Yoga Instructor (RCYT), and the award-winning author of the children’s picture book “What I See, I Can Be: A Guided Yoga Flow for Children”. 

Concerned about the increasing amount of sedentary activities that both adult and children engage in, and the fact that the upcoming generation is expected to have a shorter life expectancy due to obesity related issues, she decided to take action. Janet’s mission is to promote healthy and active children so that they may lead long, healthy and happy lives. She provides easy to use kids yoga resources to parents and teachers (who may or may not have any yoga experience), that are fun for the whole family. Janet has been going into schools, day-cares, parenting network groups and yoga students, teaching thousands of parents, teachers, and children how to do safe, fun, and age-appropriate yoga.

Janet also offers a 95 Kids Yoga Teacher Training certification that is recognized by Yoga Alliance. The training can be completed in 6 individual weekends that participants can take at their own pace, or in the 10 day Summer Intensive program. To learn more about her resources and training please go to www.ChildrensYogaBooks.com

Recent Curriculum by Janet

How to Connect Kids to Their Energy
How to Connect Kids to Their Energy
In this 40 minute webinar, you will learn how to teach children about Energy in a fun and instructive way, while incorporating it into your yoga class. What you will receive: · How to teach kids about energy using yoga poses · Techniques to help children become aware of energy · Techniques to help sensitive children use effective strategies to cope with discordant energy · A detailed lesson plan to help children build awareness about energy and how they can make positive and loving connections
Slow Yoga for Kids
Slow Yoga for Kids
Join Janet Williams for a one hour webinar that will open your eyes to the allure of fast yoga and how our need for speed is killing us. Learn why slow yoga can improve your child’s health and how to dial your fast yoga down to slow yoga. This webinar is ideal for parents, teachers, yoga instructors and health care professionals looking for new ways to incorporate slow yoga activities that children like doing into your session. This is particularly helpful when working with children who have ADD or ADHD.

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