Deetz Hanna

Deetz HannaDeetz Hanna is the owner of Storybook Yoga in Charleston, SC.  Her approach to teaching yoga is playful and story centered as she uses classic and contemporary children’s books and yoga to weave  words, movement, and wonder in an experience that engages mind and body. Deetz currently teaches yoga in preschools as well as various classes throughout the Charleston area.

Deetz has a bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University and a Master of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education from the College of Charleston. She has experience teaching kindergarten and preschool classes. The transition to teaching yoga felt like a natural transition given her passion for peace and social justice.  She believes that  teaching children to connect to themselves and others through yoga and mindfulness can create empathy, peace, balance, and self control. Deetz believes empowering children with these skills will enable them to make better decisions in their lives and in their interactions with others, contributing to a healthier and more compassionate world.

Deetz lives in Charleston, SC with her craft beer brewing husband, her reading obsessed daughter, one son who is in constant motion, and another son who is generally busy charming the world and building Legos. In her rare and precious moments of spare time Deetz enjoys reading, baking, and traveling.

Recent Curriculum by Deetz

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