Christine McArdle

Christine100Christine McArdle, Masters in Ed, 500 RYT, mother, author, teacher of aromatherapy, began taking yoga classes as a first year teacher in a NJ public school and understood immediately that education must be a holistic endeavor, that true learning and personal growth integrates mind, body and spirit. This led her to study and practice more yoga, buddhism, shamanism and many different “alternative” pedagogies: including, Montessori and Waldorf in the USA, Freinet and Escuela Activa in Europe, Pedagogía 3000 in South America. After finishing her first 200 hour TT with an Iyengar school, she became certified in Anusara Yoga.

In 2004, she taught her first Children’s TT to fellow yoga teachers eager to understand what she was doing in her children’s classes; OM Shree OM, the Mind, Body and Spirit of Teaching Children Yoga was born. Originally from New York City and raised in Madrid, Spain, Christine teaches her Om Shree Om training internationally and in four languages, Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. With two of her students in Spain, Om Shree Therapy, a year long therapeutics training for professionals working with children was created in 2011. Empowering her students: children, teens, parents, and teachers, through a greater awareness and understanding of their gifts, mind, body and spirit and their connection to the earth and all things, for healing and to reach ones highest potential, is her greatest joy, and where she finds and inspires others to find their Home Sweet Home.

Recent Curriculum by Christine McArdle

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