Carla Tantillo

Carla-TantilloCarla Tantillo is the author of the books Cooling Down Your Classroom and Student Wellness in 8-10 Minutes Each Day.  She is also an international presenter, consultant, teacher, yogi and dog lover.  She is the founder of Mindful Practices, has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, and is a certified yoga teacher.  Carla was a founding teacher and curriculum director of a high-poverty school in Chicago and has taught English, social studies, and drama at both the secondary and elementary levels.  She has worked with more than 100+ schools to help bring yoga to their student and teacher populations. She is the co-creator of Hip-Hop Yoga and provides professional development to schools across the country.  Carla is dedicated to putting wellness strategies into the hands of students and teachers everywhere.  Her mantra is “Relaxed teachers teach better.  Relaxed students learn better.”

Recent Curriculum by Carla Tantillo

Mindful Practices provides a professional development experience that empowers teachers to use Social-Emotional Learning, Yoga and Mindfulness in the classroom to help students learn self-awareness, self-regulation and interpersonal skills. This webinar will provide educators with unique classroom management techniques by incorporating SEL and movement activities into the classroom routine.
Hip Hop Yoga
Hip Hop Yoga
Discover how to combine culturally engaging music with yoga and mindful practices with this in-depth webinar. Presenter Carla Tantillo provides a step-by-step process making it easy even for non-dancers to bring the urban cool factor to their kids yoga classes while encouraging a deeper connection and meaning to the practice.

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