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Cate-Stillman100x100Cate Stillman, founder of will evolve your health! A vibrant teacher and practitioner, Cate will entice you with the ancient concepts of Ayurveda and weave them into your modern life. Get your free training at



Recent Curriculum by Cate Stillman

Snot Free Kids: Ayurveda Skills for Families
Snot Free Kids: Ayurveda Skills for Families
Cate Stillman, author of Good Morning Yogis Big + Small, teaches kids, families and teachers the simplest and most effective steps to bodycare… that simply aren’t part of western hygiene. These simple bodycare skills will help kids: prevent colds, prevent allergies, prevent asthma, and understand their digestion and elimination. Most kids (+ adults) never learner the basic skills of what our bodies communicate with symptoms. This uber-practical one-hour webinar will connect you deeper with your body and help you teach others the simple bodycare skills. Includes copy of the slides. 1 hour.

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