Abby Wills

Abby Wills, MA, ERYT, brings her passion for democratic education and deep respect for the tradition of yoga to her work guiding youth and teachers in contemplative arts.  Abby’s approach is informed by studies in social justice and developmental education at Pacific Oaks College, as well as two decades of training in yoga. Having taught thousands of hours of yoga lessons in schools over the past fifteen years, Abby felt deeply compelled to create a program that could reach teens who don’t have the privilege of yoga classes in their schools. To this end, Abby co-founded  Shanti Generation, a yoga + media company, to create more access to yoga for teens and teachers by offering yoga via DVD format.

Shanti Generation’s first two titles, Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers and Partner Yoga for Teens, feature real teen yogi’s in a teen friendly environment practicing at a teen approved pace. Upcoming from Shanti Generation, The Contemplative Classroom Series is set to complete production in Spring 2013.

As a teacher trainer, Abby empowers teachers to find their own voice while integrating evidence-based contemplative practices into their work with youth.

Recent Curriculum by Abby Wills

Yoga Classroom Layout by Age Group
Yoga Classroom Layout by Age Group
Wondering about circles versus rows for pre-schoolers? Want to know if teens focus better facing each other or away? In this webinar, we will look at variations on class layout for each developmental group; PreK-HS. We will discuss what typically works and where/why/when to modify. A thoughtfully arranged classroom is your front line to a balanced classroom. 40 min webinar
Resilient Youth: Teen Yoga for Coping with Stress
Resilient Youth: Teen Yoga for Coping with Stress
Successfully guiding teens in yoga is an art requiring keen listening skills and the ability to create context relevant to teens lives. During this webinar Abby Wills, of Shanti Generation, will take you through experiences designed to help teens understand stress, resilience and how to utilize yogic practices to cope. By developing the meaning of coping and stress, we will open a link between the reality of teens lives and the power of yoga to heal and transform. Includes copy of the slides plus three additional video clips. 1 hour.


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